Many of us have busy lives and have to eat on the go every now and then.
The following is a list of restauants with items that could easily fit into the vegan diet.
Remember to ask questions of your waitstaff if you are unsure whether
an item contains animal products or not.

Buffalo Wild Wings - USA
* Chips and salsa, black bean burger served with a pickle and a side salad!

Cracker Barrel - USA
* They offer a veggie platter where you get to pick and choose four items. Good choices include pinto beans, corn, carrots, sweet potato casserole, side salad, apple sauce and baked potato. Avoid some of the options because they are made with dairy (like the hashbrown casserole or mashed potatoes).

Heather's - Bay City, MI
*  Hands down the best restaurant around for Vegan fare.  This local restaurant offers a menu that caters to Vegans.

Hello Sushi - Saginaw, MI
*  Options include vegetarian rolls (cucumber, avocado, & radish), cumcumber & avocado rolls, and vegetable tempura

Jimmy Johns - USA
*  Best option is the vegetarian sandwich on whole grain bread minus cheese, minus mayo, add oil and vinegar.  If you tell the staff you want it vegan they will also change their gloves before preparing your sandwhich so that meat from other orders has no chance of accidently reaching yours!

McDonalds - USA
*The only good option here is the side salad. They don't offer an oil and vinegar dressing, but on the plus side the salad (which is mixed greens and 2 grape tomatoes) is only $1.00.

Panera Bread - USA
*  My favorite is the Strawberry Chicken salad minus the chicken!  They also offer a vegetarian sandwich with a bit of a kick (just ask them to serve it without the cheese).  The staff here is friendly and they have a book which they can use to look up ingredients in menu items if you have questions (like, what is in the soup?).

Subway - USA
* Order the veggie sub on whole wheat without cheese, top with oil and vinegar. I also like salt and pepper on mine.

Taco Bell - USA
* Best options include the potato taco, black bean burrito, or 7 layer burrito all ordered fresco sytle!

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