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A list of favorite vegan reads and resources:

The Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon.  Great cookbook!  She has her own website too, - A blog about running on a plant based diet.  It has numerous great recipes and commentary.  This is one of the first I started to follow and still love it! - This site contains lots of information about animal free beauty products.  Love it! - This site sells handmade, animal free soap in a plethora of scents at wholesale prices.  It has received numerous raves.  I'm waiting for my first shipment to arrive!!! - Recipes and products for making your own soap! - This is where Rosebud buys her bulk soap. - Country Life Natural Foods, a wholesale and retail distributor of natural, organic, and vegetarian foods.  There may be a co-op in your area that you can order with (think church groups) or you can start one of your own.

The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life by Melisser Elliott - I love this book!  It has information, recipes, resources, and crafts.  All vegan friendly!

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