Monday, August 20, 2012

Typical Weekly Menu - RBudladi

Typical Weekly Menu - RBudladi

What does my weekly menu consists of? Typically I START with lots of vegetables, beans and bulger wheat, and plenty of fruit. Growing up in an extra large family and on the farm, we always had plenty of home grown produce. And we learned from one of the greatest cooks – Mom! 

Breakfast is normally bulger wheat or 7-grain cereal, quinoa, millet, and plenty of fruit, sprinkled with chia seeds and/or flax. Sometimes it’s a vegetable smoothie depending on what’s in the frig.

Lunch is always a salad of some sort, always. Salads are very colorful with lots of greens: kale, spinach, parsley. Veggies are just about any and with some ‘crunch’ like: carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumber, etc. Other veggies are added on top of the previous. There is some type of protein: soy curls, black beans, TVP, whatever might be visiting in the frig. And if there is leftovers, I’ve been seen tossing this on top of my greens. Then a squeeze of lemon juice and I’m ready to start. Normally it is about 2 cups of a variety of colorful veggies.

Dinner is a mystery! Lots of dishes include a variety of items: Black Beans, Corn, Rice, Quinoa, Millet, Bulger Wheat, Zucchini. Most of the time I throw something together, quick and fast. 

Many times I experiment using TVP & bulger wheat to replace ground meats in soups, casseroles & chili. Soy Curls go in a lot of dishes and are easy to use for on the go wraps & sandwiches; soy curls work also to replace stew meat. If you happen to stop over chances are you will see one of my crock pots on the cupboard cooking up a batch of beans. I cook up beans for the week and freeze extra to throw on a salad or in a casserole.

Snacks are my fav! There is always hummus in the frig and freezer! One of my favorite hummus recipes includes sweet potatoes – it is a nice alternative. Lots of cut up veggies: carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, zucchini, etc. You will also see fruit on the cupboard and cherry tomatoes, in season. 

Sweets: Since I have such a sweet tooth you will always find: Sesame Balls, Chocolate Almond Coconut Balls, figs, dried plums & almonds somewhere! I’ve been known to hide these from myself!

I was very fortunate and attended a few cooking sessions hosted by friends and was able to 'try' some foods that I was unfamiliar with. There was also all my 4-H kids & families that are/were home schooled and the families ordered items from a Co-op. This has been a life saver! Once I roomed with a great gal from the state of Washington who was very much into green smoothies. She made them for breakfast every morning. They consists of 2-4 cups of organic vegetables - the entire vegetable: stems, peels, vegetable - everything! She always seasoned these and depending on how she felt, would add a drop or two of some herb or oil. Very very healthy! I only wish she and I lived closer SEW I could continue to learn from her!

Enjoy! Rbudladi

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