Monday, August 20, 2012

Typical Weekly Menu - Heather

Someone asked for a post from each of us to demonstrate the types of foods we eat.  My typical week includes some variation of these items.  It depends on what's available when I shop, what's in my refrigerator, what I have for left overs, how much time I have, and if I have any dinner guests.

Breakfast: smoothie, or oatmeal, or toast with peanut butter, or Buckwheat Pancakes with Bananas

Lunch:  salad, or soup (tomato or vegetable), or grilled soy cheese sandwich, or or peanut butter sandwich, or most likely left overs

Dinner:  Black Bean & Corn Tortillas; Vegetable and Soy Curl Stir Fry; Pasta Alfredo with Broccoli; Vegetable Pizza with Soy Cheese; Grilled or Sauteed Veggies with Rice

Snacks:  pita chips & hummus, or chips & salsa, or popcorn, or carrot sticks, or fruit (strawberries, banana, apple, melon), or pistachios

Hope that helps!

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